Alright! Lets see what Mat is up to. Fro

Alright! Lets see what Mat is up to. From the book, ABANDONED NO MORE…..She pulls me by my hand, right outside and stops at the hood of my car. “You know I don’t beat bushes, so here goes, it’s only September, are you getting foggy minded already about your baby?” She does this all the time when she has something to say to a person she gets right up in your face. She’s standing so close to my face, she’s almost in my mouth. I can smell the coffee on her breath. I know if I step back, she’ll only step back with me, so I square off with her, look her in the eyes and say “No.” She gapes into my eyes for a long minute. She starts to smile, and says “It’s a man aint it! Mat, I do believe you done slipped in the love bucket.” She breaks out in her loud, bending over, hitting her own knee, laugh.


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