Poor Mat; read on…….I made it home n

Poor Mat; read on…….I made it home now and I’m going to bed. I’m not even hungry. …… I don’t believe this; I am so wide awake. What’s with me? These memories, my mind keeps playing like a DVD that won’t stop. I have got to get some sleep. My eyes burn all day and I have headaches and yawn in class, I have got to get some sleep I can not keep going like this. Now I remember the morning I found Grammy in her bed, lifeless, stiff and cold I called 911, then Eric. Eric beat the police and ambulance getting to the house. When he hugged me I felt so safe. I cried and told him how I had found Grammy. Then people started to come in the house. Paramedics, police detectives, police investigators, people from the coroners office, neighbors. I saw Rickey and he lives three blocks away. He’s the neighborhood’s transit newspaper; he’s 15 and rides his bike everywhere. When I walk to the drugstore he’s always riding around following people asking “did you hear about…” He tells everybody everything he knows, I guess Detroit will know about Grammy by this time tomorrow. Miss Addie had her granddaughter Sheila; bring her over to stay with me. Eric left, he said I was in good hands and he would come back later and stay with me. I had to explain over and over to everyone what happened. I repeated myself so much, it didn’t seem as though it actually happened. I felt like I was describing a movie I had just seen. This lady comes into the house asking for Mary Ann Thompson. I took one look at her and could tell she was the Social Worker. I couldn’t believe it, on a Sunday here comes a Social Worker. I had read enough novels to know what the state would do to me. I had made my mind up I was going to get a bus ticket to California and disappear before I let them put me in the system. An excerpt from ABANDONED NO MORE, the book that stimulates inner healing.


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