The saga continues in the life of Mat. F

The saga continues in the life of Mat. From the book that stimulates inner healing; ABANDONED NO MORE………..Someone tells her that I am Mary Ann Thompson. She approaches me with her hand extended, “Hi, I’m Ms. Winters.” I respond, “Hello.” “Mary Ann, is there some place we can talk, just the two of us?” I look around, people are everywhere. I get up and walk towards the kitchen. People are watching us and they get up from the table and allow us to sit. They don’t go far so they can hear what the Social Worker has to say to me. I am glad to have them around, I thought Ms. Winters was going to handcuff me and take me to a facility. With the neighbors around, if I broke out in a run, they would surround her and stop her from catching me. But, she sat me down and told me Grammy had notified the Social Services Department that she was terminally ill and wanted me to go live with her only niece in the state of Alabama. Ms. Winters told Grammy step by step what to do. Grammy had a will drawn up and took care of all the necessary paperwork for my transition to Alabama.


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