Alright, lets see where Mat is now……

Alright, lets see where Mat is now……I don’t think Ms. Winters knew it, but she gave me my first history lesson regarding my family. She explained to me that my great-great grandparents, Herbert and Lucille Murphy had my great- grandmother, Gloria. Lucille died when Gloria was sixteen. Herbert had one sister, Ida Murphy, who never married or had children. Ida took Gloria to raise. When Ida died she left the house paid for to my great-grandmother, Gloria, who had married Elliott Thompson. Gloria had my grandmother, Ruby and willed the house to Ruby and Ruby willed it to me. The state of New York was going to sell it and deposit the proceeds into an Alabama Trust Account for me until I turn twenty one. I was a little relieved to know Ms. Winters wasn’t going to take me with her, but I still didn’t know who Cousin Bertie was. Also, I did not want to leave Olean, this place was all I have ever known. Ms. Winters gave me her business card and told me to call her if I had any questions or problems and she left. I was so tired and dazed, I kept thinking to myself, ‘I’ll be glad when Grammy gets home.’ There were so many people in the house I didn’t know. I just wanted to be left alone. From the book ABANDONED NO MORE.


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