And….the plot thickens with Mat…….

And….the plot thickens with Mat…………Finally, Eric is back. I hold onto his hand and lean on him, I felt so safe. By the time all the police cars and the coroner had left, it was after eight pm. Miss Addie, Eric and me walked the last neighbor to the front door. Eric closed the door and I laid my head on his chest, he hugged me tight in his arms and I began to cry. I cried, yelled, screamed, beat Eric on his chest and this sound, a sound so excruciating, full of pain and grief, a sound so deep and piercing, came out of me. To be honest, the sound startled me and it came from me so I know it was awkward for Eric and Miss Addie hearing it. Eric started telling me that everything was going to be alright. He pulled me away from his chest and looked into my eyes and said for me not to cry myself sick. He made me sit on the couch and Miss Addie brought me a glass of water. She went into the kitchen and started putting some of the food away people had brought over. I told him what Ms. Winters had told me. He didn’t respond, however, I recognized the look on his face. Whenever the score depended on him, he would take on that look. I decided to leave him alone, when he was ready, he’ll talk. That’s just how close we were. Excerpt from ABANDONED NO MORE; the book that stimulates ‘inner healing’.


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