The devised plan, ummmm………..Eric d

The devised plan, ummmm………..Eric didn’t want to leave me and I didn’t want him to go, so while Miss Addie was in the kitchen, we devised a plan. He would leave around nine pm, and at midnight, he would come back over. I would leave my bedroom window open for him so Miss Addie wouldn’t know he was there. She was hard of hearing, so she wouldn’t hear him come through my window. That night he came over, I cried, he cried and we fell asleep hugged up. When my alarm clock went off at six a.m., I turned it off and headed for the bathroom. For a few moments, I had forgotten about yesterday’s events and that Eric was there until I saw his shoes on the floor. I woke him and helped him get out of the window. He had to hurry and get home, change clothes and come back and pick me up. I got ready for school and when I was ready to leave, I told Miss Addie I was leaving for school and wouldn’t be back until three thirty or so. She told me she was going home and she’d be back here by three thirty. I asked her if she wanted a key, but she said she would only be here when I was. ABANDONED NO MORE excerpt from chapter 5. Order your copy today and find out what happens to Mat and where is Mr. Timothy Johns. Your local bookstore can order it or any online-retailer has it available, you will be glad you did!


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