Ump, ump, ump; what has Mat done now?…

Ump, ump, ump; what has Mat done now?….Miss Addie’s knocking on the back door is what woke me. One of the neighbors had made us a casserole dish with chunks of chicken and rice, but both of us picked over our dinner, neither one of us could eat. Miss Addie and I washed up the dishes. She went to the living room sofa and I went back to bed. I thought about calling Eric but I had to think of what I would say first. While I was getting my thoughts together, the door bell rang. It was Miss Addie’s grandson, Milton with a small black and white T.V. for her to watch. Grammy and I didn’t watch T.V… I remember us having one, when it stopped working, Grammy never replaced it. She started taking me to the local library every two weeks, so I read a lot and Grammy would needlepoint. Miss Addie was so happy to get the T.V.; Milton stayed and hooked it up for her. When he left I called Eric. He said he would see me at midnight and we hung up. I was trying to figure out what we were going to do now that our relationship went to another level. I loved Eric, but having sex with him confused me. He was my best friend, he was my only friend. ABANDONED NO MORE is available at your local bookstore on POD (print on demand) or any of your retail on-line stores here in the US and, in the UK. Order your copy today and find out what happens to Mat and Eric.


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