Let’s see what “young love” is doing

Let’s see what “young love” is doing today…….Twelve fifteen, here comes Eric through my window. We had an uncomfortable moment at first. I jumped up off the bed and stood straight up. When our eyes met, we both felt embarrassment. He turned red and looked down on the floor and I started rubbing my hands together. He turned away from facing me, and sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me. He started talking as if he were reading a script. He told me that he loved me and wanted us to live together until we were of age to marry. We could stay right here until he got his scholarship and then we could move together wherever he went to college. I listened to him. He had everything mapped out for us. He would work part time and we could stay in school. He got some paper and pencil out of my notebook, and wrote out a budget. He said if we could follow the budget, we could make it. I just stood there unable to move. It was too much for me to comprehend at once. I was thinking about how it seemed that Grammy was just gone to the store to pick up a few things, and would be back any moment. And my next thought would be about what cousin Bertie looked like. My imagination had Cousin Bertie looking like Grammy and all of her kids looked like me and they were all standing in a straight line next to her, and all of them had snotty noses. In he comes with this plan, I couldn’t absorb it, so all I said was “We’ll see.” That night we made love. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Eric went to school every day and every night, after midnight, he would come through my window. To find out what happens to Mat, her baby, Eric and Mr. Johns, order your copy of ABANDONED NO MORE today, you will be amazed at what happens and how!


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