Ok, so…you have been reading about Mat

Ok, so…you have been reading about Mat (Mary Ann Thompson), for 5 chapters. She is 5’9”, redish skintone, long thick, wavy jet black hair and skinny as a pole with deep dimples. Mat is tough and had to be growing up in Orleans, NY and pregnant at 15. To find out exactly what happens to her and how things turned out; you have to purchase the book ABANDONED NO MORE. Now meet Marva Montgomery; 5’5″, porportioned to her height wearing a size 7 in clothing and in shoes, light skined and the thickest dark brown almost redish hair ever and; she grew up in Chicago in the low income area. She’s not a fighter but she grew up in the church and has won many wars by prayer. Learn more about Marva from the book SHAME IN ME. Keep posted for more info.


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