Here is an excerpt from the book, SHAME

Here is an excerpt from the book, SHAME IN ME……I turned my head towards the sound just as a lady was stepping into the room. She looked to be in her late fifties, dressed in a linen and silk blend powder blue Saint John pant suit and had impeccable blonde highlights in her short cropped hair cut. She was walking towards us with a clip board in her hand and it was full of papers. I noticed how she began intently grabbing at her small frameless eyeglasses that were hanging around her neck and gently placed them on her nose; never looking up. She stopped and stood next to one of the black chairs by the table and briefly glanced up over her glasses at me. She began flipping pages and started speaking with a deep Georgian accent, as if she were reading a transcript. “Marva Montgomery, you are being charged with ‘repeated theft by intent’. You are in possession of store merchandise totaling twelve thousand, seven hundred forty one dollars and eighty two cents. This merchandise was acquired by you through means of insufficient funds, and is hereby considered stolen property.”


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