So, my plan was to return to Chicago, wo

So, my plan was to return to Chicago, work for a small accounting firm, get some hands on experience about the do’s and don’ts of running a small business and then establish my own accounting firm. That was my plan, however two days before graduation, while packing up my dorm to return to Chicago; I received a certified letter from Beckman and Jacobs Law Firm. They are located in downtown Mableton and are considered the largest and most prestigious law firm in the Atlanta region and, they are referred by other states. They were impressed with my 4.9 grade point average. My major was accounting with a minor in statistical math. The letter informed me I was a candidate being considered for the only accountant position available. I was extremely flattered to be considered for the position, so I decided to call and confirm my interview. I interviewed the following Thursday and two weeks later I started working. Only three weeks after graduation and I had a job, did I praise me some Lord! You have read an excerpt from the book SHAME IN ME, a book that stimulates ‘inner healing’.


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