ABANDONED NO MORE by Jo Ann Felton Carte

ABANDONED NO MORE by Jo Ann Felton Carter
Just when you think that everyone has abandoned you, you realize that you were never alone!
Mary Ann Thompson has had a very interesting life. She has been living with her Grammy since the age of three and had never seen or talked to her mother or father. MAT and Grammy used to go and visit with a lady once a month but was never sure why. At the young age of nine, MATs world was turned upside down and she had to figure out how to deal with it. Now MAT is twenty-two and her past is coming back to haunt her and she doesn’t know why. What MAT does now is that if she doesn’t get a grip soon she is going to totally lose it!
Abandoned No More is a book that shows you what it means to have faith and to never let go of it! Jo Ann Felton Carter is giving us life lessons in this book by letting us see it through the eyes of Mary Ann and to show us which direction we should take. This is a very good story that gives you hope of how to be an conqueror.
You can purchase this book through Amazon.com, BN.com http://www.christianbooksbibles.com/, http://www.booksamillion.com/ and aprosperingsoul.wordpress.com/ WRITTEN 3/23/2012 BY Miss C Solo


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