Jo Ann Felton Carter :    I live in Northern Louisiana and have 3 wonderful children, 8 amazing grandchildren and 5 incredible great-grandchildren who are fruit of godly labor. I write practical life stories using fictitious characters proving the Word of God changes lives for the better when applied. After reading II Samuel 12: 1-7 I understood how sometimes we can only see our faults in others, and fiction became my choice of writing.

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Prospering Soul:     In the late 80’s I did a study of 3rd John and realized the soul is where our thinking exist and how we need to anchor our soul daily using the Word of God. Because the soul and spirit entered man at the same time, the spirit is what died after Adam ate of the tree and we are born with our soul being in full control until we are born again of the spirit. I cut out some stick figures to use as a visual to represent the spirit, soul and body of man and I spoke at several churches and women’s groups and took my three stick drawings with me everywhere.

When we understand our soul develops our personality, thinking, decision making, rationalizing and understanding: then we understand why it is important for our soul to become subject to the spirit.

Spending time in worship and basking in the presence of Holy Spirit causes revelation to be experienced. Our relationship deepens with our guider, comforter and revealer of truth. Also spending time in the Word is essential because He only speaks His Word and we need to know when it is Him speaking.

“Prospering Soul” was formed solely for the purpose of educating, through writing, how  the Word of God heals the soul. In all we get, we really do need to get an understanding. Too often we attend church and our spirit man is fed and strengthened however after the benediction; we find ourselves so disconnected from the Word we received.   After experiencing many days of feeling disconnected, the thought crosses our mind that “the Word just doesn’t work for me”.  We simply need to train our inner man or soul how to line up with the Word.

What I am referring to is entering into a “lifestyle” not just an experience at a service.  Let me suggest you get a red letter edition of the New Testament and take time to read just the red letters only and you will see Jesus describing the Kingdom of Heaven and walking in the spirit. It is really simple; see for yourself how the foolish things can confound the wise.  As you develop your walk in the spirit, allow yourself to prosper and be in health, even as your soul will prosper.

                                                                                                                            Lovingly, Jo Ann


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  1. I had myself ready for bed and thought I would read Abandoned No More and fall asleep but before I knew it I had finished the book. It was so good.
    N. Jackson- Riverside, CA

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