This is chapter 5, the last chapter to b

This is chapter 5, the last chapter to be posted from ABANDONED NO MORE. Go to your on-line retailer to purchase your copy to find out how Mat gets her healing and what happens to her and Mr. Johns…………..I’m in cousin Bertie’s house putting the salad in the refrigerator. Claudia comes into the kitchen, singing and dancing. She sees me and runs to my arms and we exchange hugs and kisses. She is so sweet; I am amazed at how quickly she’s grown. When I first arrived here, she had just turned two years old June 5th. I helped potty train her, now she’s nine and it hardly seems she ever wore diapers at all. Now all of us are in the kitchen.
We have Wednesday dinners every week, rain or shine, at Cousin Bertie’s. I’m getting the salad together and Candice is trying to get into my head through my eyes. She keeps stepping up to me, trying to get me to look her in the eyes. But I’m avoiding her eye contact I just answer her questions without raising my head. Candice is only sixteen, but she is what they call around here “an old soul.” She is so much like Cousin Bertie when it comes to intuition. We are all laughing and talking getting the food together and Cousin Bertie grabs my hand and says “ok, I’m taking Mat for a minute.”


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