Don’t want to miss this paragraph, Mat

Don’t want to miss this paragraph, Mat and Eric, ooh……..I went to my class and as soon as I sat down, I started to cry. Someone in the class walked up to the teacher and told her about Grammy. My teacher told me she was sorry I lost my grandmother and sent me to the office. I waited there until the Vice Principal walked me to the nurse’s office. The nurse told me to go home and stay home if I needed to. The Vice Principal told me since school would be out in less than two weeks and I had excellent grades they could give me my grades now if necessary. I sat there as tears slowly ran down my face and watched their expressions; they were so professional I felt no compassion coming from them at all. I felt like I wasn’t wanted and began crying uncontrollably. They called Eric into the nurse’s office and told him to take me home and to watch me. We were both given excuses to stay home me, for the rest of the school year, Eric for the day. So we went to a drive thru, got some breakfast sausages then to my house. We went straight to my room. He ate, I picked over my food, and we sat on the bed and started talking about some of our times with Grammy. I started crying, he held me and we started kissing and before we realized it, we were in trouble. This is from chapter 5 of the book; ABANDONED NO MORE.


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